When I was 8 years old I wrote my first song to God in the back yard of my house in South Australia. It was raw, it was rough; but it was real & it was straight from my heart. It was in that moment, as I poured out my feelings before God in these underwhelming melodies, that He spoke so clearly. With tears streaming down my face I remember going inside to my Mum in the kitchen and with broken words, blubbering “God has called me to the nations.” He marked my heart in that moment, and little did I know about the crazy journey before me as He was preparing me to be a youth pastor, who would then move countries to America to help plant a Church, who would then plant another campus, who would somehow find himself leading Influencers Worship. It’s been grace through obedience all the way and I’ve never looked back. Nothing in this life deserves half of my heart.