Growing up my parents were my heroes. Pastors, missionaries, worship leaders, they did it all. All I’ve ever wanted to do was love people and lead people because of them. But there was always something supernatural I would witness from a young age when they lead worship. It shifted the atmosphere, it tore down walls, peoples entire countenance would change. I found myself weeping and not knowing why. God was breaking my heart for His presence through worship. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Lead people into the life changing presence of God through worship. I remember writing songs as a child, crying as I sang them in my room or behind a piano, literally closing my eyes and seeing thousands of people joining with me. That’s when I knew, I want to do this forever. Prophecies over my life have said “You’ll change the world through worship,” this wasn’t just a gift, this was what God has anointed me for all along. I’ve had to fight for this my entire life,  I’ve committed my life to the journey, I’m all in. Always have been, always will be.