When God gives a vision for His Church, He gives music to go before it. Songwriting at Influencers is not just melodies and lyrics; we are composing a Holy Spirit inspired soundtrack to the vision of this House. Here are some things that will help guide you and your writing to be aligned with the sound God is breathing into this place.

*All songs submitted will be evaluated using the following rubric.


Bible Based

Is the song theologically sound throughout? 

Concept & Lyrics

Does the song have a strong concept that connects with people immediately? 

Is the writing consistent with the concept and title through all sections of the song? 

Does the song carry lyrical originality and have a 'signature' feel to it? 

Do the lyrics have a good balance of fresh and familiar?

Does the song have a strong opening line that pulls in the listener?

Song Structure

Is the song well structured?

Do the transitions between the sections feel good; does the song have a good journey to it?

Is there a balance of tension and release in the song?


Is the melody accessible / congregational? Do you easily hear thousands of people singing it? 

Does the song have a strong hook that's memorable and well placed (accessible & repeated) in the song? 

Is the range of the song within the capabilities of most vocalists?

Does the music & melody demonstrate good prosody by matching and supporting the lyrics? 

Rhythm & Rhyme

Does the metering and phrasing flow well? 

Does the rhyme pattern work in favor of the song? 

Is the song sitting at the right tempo?

General Section Assessment





Favorite section of the song

Section needing most improvement